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Dentiste Natural Sensitive Toothpaste (100g) and Italy Toothbrush Pair


A perfect combination for this Valentine’s day!

Limited stocks only!

Dentiste Sensitive is uniquely made for people with Sensitive Teeth & Gums. 100% SLS Free, Hygienic, Herbapeutic and made with All Natural Extracts

Smile with confidence, brushing with the Dentiste toothbrush keeps your teeth clean and bright. It has ultra-soft bristles that go in between teeth, removing dirt that can cause cavities and bacteria build up. It wipes away bacteria, plaque, and other food residues.

Durable and easy to clean, it is designed for your everyday 3-times-a-day use without deforming. Reaches even the most difficult corners, it is perfect for braced teeth.

Prevent bad breath, keep your smile untainted, brush with the Dentiste’ Toothbrush daily.



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